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Yothi Medical Innovation District Office (YMID)
2nd Floor, National Innovation Agency (Public Organization)
73/2 Rama VI Road, Rajdhevee, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

Telephone: 02-017-5555 ext. 213

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Join forces among friendly sustainable medical innovation centers

Thailand is considered a country that is internationally for medicine, in terms of personnel, Knowlwdge and technology. 
​In accordance with Thailand's 4.0 strategic plan, the National Innovation Agency (NIA)
and Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), together with the department of alliances in the region that work under the corporattion of 3 ministries; the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

By planning the prototype area to develop medical innovation for the economy and increase the opportunity to give access to modern services of technological medicine to the Thai people.



The Yothi Medical Innovation Distrct consists of an area of 1.7 million square meters and comprises of the Medical Institute, Education Institute, Research Units, Residences, restaurants, cafe and co-working spaces, all of whic are ready for exchanging ideas and innovations. Other than its readiness in term of space, the center also reveals that the onterior space is filled with a great deal of research results and innovations that are all set to extend to cater to the world market, including a number of departments that are prepared to connect and share the resources systemically. From the potentials of the ares comes the development projects to make the area the prototype space for development and investment of the country's medical innovations.


The district supports and enlarges the opportunity for complete research

Develops the ares and ecosystem that are conductive to education, research and development, and will experiment on medical innovations within the region to reach international standard and acceptance, as well as becoming a medical hub for the study, research, development and experimentatioin on medical innovation in Thailand, togethrt with developing measure, policy and promoting investment for medical innovation.

Expand the Basic Groeth of Medical Industry

Pushes forward and promotes investment by cooperating with startups among investors in different branches and developers of technology and medical apparatus. Reduces the cost of importing medicines and apparatus from abroad and in the meantime, improves the image and point of view of Thai Medical Standard to the world's, builds networks of entrepreneurs and state enterprise startups, starting from within, improves the motivation using incentive to properties and land development including investments that are concerned with economic progress in the area.

Improving the medical standard for Thai

Plans and develops the linkage between database and medical services to offer the kind of medical services that bring in modern innovations and process data for treatment and healthcare for people in the are that seek treatment, improves facility system for users within the area using appropriate innovatuions, developing and linking public transport networks to give easy access to the area and services to people.



We Provide research capital and additional benefits to government bodies and private companies that are interested in partaking in medical innovation research and development with departments in the district to create new concepts and medical innovations in the country.


We encourage concepts from beginning to successful ending amoung startup companies and entrepreneurs Cinnect and coordinate corporation between departments in the district to give birth to Deep Tech Startup.


Develop a network of corporation between departments both inside and outside the district to support and encourage new ideas in medical innovation.


To advise government bodies and private companies that are interested in research development and medical businesses, with a network of departments in the district.


Coordinate the collaboration of international networks to ennhance the potential of business development and medical innovations in the district.


To drive all research and investment to move smoothly, continually, and effectively through big database that is data linked.